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Augusta County Election Night Update: Seaton Re-Elected, Bourne Wins Treasurer Position

Written by: Sam Orlando

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - November 7, 2023 – As the votes are tallied this election night, Augusta County residents have cast their ballots to determine their local and state representatives. With 86.21% of precincts reporting and a voter turnout of 27.40%, several races have been called, shaping the political landscape of the region.

State Senate and House Races

In the race for the Virginia Senate, incumbent Republican Mark D. Obenshain has secured a decisive lead with 80.28% of the vote for the 2nd District, against Democrat Kathy A. Beery's 17.85%, with Libertarian Joshua J. Huffman and a few write-ins trailing. With 16 of the 18 precincts reported, Obenshain's reelection seems imminent.

The 3rd District Senate seat has also seen a Republican stronghold with Christopher T. Head garnering 81.47% of the vote over Democrat Jade D. Harris. The 9 of 12 precincts reported solidify Head's commanding lead.

In the House of Delegates races, the Republican presence remains robust. Chris S. Runion of the 35th District is cruising to victory unopposed, with an overwhelming 96.53% against write-in candidates. Ellen H. Campbell, in the 36th District, has also secured a comfortable lead with 81.71%, with Democrat Randall K. Wolf trailing at 18.23%.

Local Augusta County Offices

For Augusta County Clerk of Court, R. Steven "Steve" Landes is unopposed and collected 98.20% of the vote. The Commonwealth's Attorney race was also unopposed, with Tim A. Martin achieving 98.38% of the vote.

The Sheriff's office sees Donald L. Smith returning with 96.99%, though Breaking Through notes that the number of write in votes for Sheriff more than double those of other non-contested races. George E. Price has taken the Commissioner of Revenue role with 68.81% over Tracy C. Pyles, Jr.

The Treasurer’s race has been more competitive, yet with a significant lead, David L. Bourne is set to clinch the position with 64.48% against Jacqueline C. Nash.

Board of Supervisors and School Board Races

The Board of Supervisors sees incumbents in the North River, Riverheads, and South River districts with resounding support, all securing over 96% of the vote. The Wayne District had the evening's only contested Supervisor election, with Scott M. Seaton crushing opponent John R. Higgs, after Higgs called for more secrecy on the Board.

School Board elections showed Sharon F. Griffin and Michael J. "Mike" Lawson with solid leads in their respective North River and South River Districts. The Riverheads District, however, was more tightly contested, though John M. Ward leads newcomer Page Hearn. The Wayne District is the night's nail-biter, with Mykell L. Alleman slightly ahead of Timothy Z. Swortzel.

Conservation Director

Robert T. Drumheller will take on the role of Soil and Water Conservation Director for the Headwaters District with a commanding 93.79% of votes.

As the night progresses, these results are subject to the final counts, including mailed absentee, provisional, and post-election ballots. The community awaits the finalization of this election's outcomes, heralding a new chapter for Augusta County.

Please note: All results mentioned are based on the provided figures and the status of precinct reporting at the time of writing. Official results will be confirmed once all votes have been counted and verified.

For continued updates and official results, stay tuned to Breaking Through News!

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