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Augusta County Board Removes Public Comment Sign-Up Barriers

Photo Credit: Augusta County

Written by: Sam Orlando

Verona, VA - In a recent meeting, the Augusta County Board of Supervisors voted to suspend its rules that limited the ability of residents to speak at county meetings. The Board had implemented policies last year requiring citizens to sign up online before the meeting or in person before the meeting or public comment section began. However, these restrictions are now being reconsidered after a supervisor encountered technical issues when attempting to sign up.

Supervisor Dr. Scott Seaton shared that he had tried to sign up to speak on the Board's website over the weekend but was unable to figure out how to do so. As a result, Dr. Seaton moved to suspend the rules, allowing citizens to speak at Board meetings without having to sign up in advance.

The Board voted 4-2 in favor of suspending the rules, with Gerald Garber and Butch Wells voting against the motion. The decision to lift these restrictions aims to encourage public engagement and foster open communication between the Board and Augusta County residents.

With the suspension of the previous rules, Augusta County citizens can now attend Board meetings and voice their concerns or opinions without the hassle of navigating an online sign-up process or arriving early to sign up in person. This change is expected to promote transparency and a more accessible platform for public discourse in the local government.

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