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Aliens in the Backyard? A Las Vegas Resident and Police Bodycam Footage Suggest So

Written by: Sam Orlando

In a series of events that sounds like a Hollywood script, a potential UFO crash and subsequent encounter with extraterrestrial beings have been reported in Las Vegas last month. The claims, accompanied by an eyewitness account and recently released supporting video footage, are currently making waves both in the UFO enthusiast community and mainstream media alike.

The incident occurred overnight on April 30 and during the early hours of May 1. An unidentified witness described encountering an "alien creature" around eight to ten feet tall, hiding in his backyard, shortly after observing a large light falling from the sky. "I looked at it in the eyes, and my body just froze," the witness stated in a YouTube video. He added that the entity had "big shiny eyes and a big mouth," and that he could hear its "loud, deep breathing." The same witness can be seen sharing the same story on police body camera footage.

Watch Police body camera footage:

At 12:25 a.m. on May 1, the witness called 911, informing the dispatcher of the presence of large creatures in his backyard. "They're not human. 100 percent they're not human," he emphasized in the audio recording of the call.

Adding credibility to these claims, a Las Vegas police officer's bodycam footage from April 30, timestamped 11:50 p.m., shows a glowing green light streaking across the sky before seemingly crashing in the distance. Furthermore, the American Meteor Society reported that at least 21 people across eastern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah witnessed a similar phenomenon.

Renowned journalist George Knapp, recognized for his coverage of UFO-related stories, told Fox News Digital that he's had multiple conversations with the family over the last month and found no hint of a hoax. He confirmed that local law enforcement also took the matter seriously, interviewing the witnesses whom they found to be sober and credible. The officers conducted a thorough search for physical evidence and canvassed the neighborhood for additional witnesses.

Despite these startling revelations, authorities remain uncertain about the nature of the events that transpired that night in Las Vegas. The witness, however, is resolute, stating in the YouTube video, "I know some people are not going to believe this, but this is what happened to me." As for the Las Vegas Police Department, they have closed this case. However, you can hear police officers telling the witness that if he encounters the alien figures again, to please not call them. The USAF responded to a request for comments on what seems to be a larger number of reports of UFO sightings. The USAF confirmed the number of sightings has increased, and that the military is presently investigating more than 600 active cases involving UFOs in the United States.

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