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AG Jason Miyares Celebrates Virginia's Oliver Anthony and His Overnight Country Music Sensation

Written by: Sam Orlando

RICHMOND, Va. – In a remarkable show of support for local talent, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares took to Twitter on August 13th to commend Richmond musician, Oliver Anthony, for his outstanding work. Referring to Anthony's song, "Rich Men North Of Richmond", Miyares tweeted, "What a great song and an unreal Virginia talent. Looking forward to following @AintGottaDollar’s career as it takes off!"

Oliver Anthony, known by his Twitter handle @AintGottaDollar, has certainly become the talk of the town. The song recently uploaded to major streaming platforms has not only garnered massive attention locally but also nationally. In a touching acknowledgment, Anthony shared his gratitude on Twitter, expressing his astonishment at the overwhelming response he's received.

An article by CountryChord sheds light on the meteoric rise of the song. Oliver's acoustic performance video for "Rich Men North Of Richmond", released just five days ago on @radiowv's Youtube channel, has already amassed a staggering 7 million views. In comparison, a six-month-old music video by well-known country artist Justin Moore, recently topping the Country radio charts, has received 1.9 million views. Anthony's breakthrough performance is a rare feat, especially for someone who was relatively unknown just a week ago.

Moreover, the song's popularity soared to No. 1 on iTunes across all genres. This unprecedented success caught the attention of major media outlets, including Rolling Stone and Fox News, leading to speculations about Anthony's political leanings. However, the artist was quick to dismiss any presumptions that he is a conservative icon.

In a personal revelation, Jason Howerton, who recently interviewed Anthony, shared that the musician has battled alcoholism. After a poignant moment of breaking down and turning to faith, Anthony has been sober for a month. This story of resilience adds another layer of depth to the artist’s already profound voice.

As Richmond and the rest of the country continue to celebrate Oliver Anthony's rapid ascent in the music world, his story serves as a testament to the power of genuine talent, perseverance, and community support.

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