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A Surprising Slice: Trump's Half-Eaten Pizza Offer Contrasts with Germaphobe Image

Written by: Sam Orlando

Fort Myers, FL - Former President Donald Trump recently visited Downtown House of Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida, after speaking at the Lee County Lincoln-Reagan dinner. According to eyewitness accounts, Trump offered his half-eaten pizza slice to his supporters while they chanted his name. This behavior has left many perplexed, as the former President is known to be a germaphobe.

Trump's germophobic tendencies have been widely reported in the past. In his 1997 book, "The Art of the Comeback," Trump admitted to being a germaphobe, expressing his reluctance to shake hands, especially with teachers and politicians. In a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he stated that he frequently washes his hands and uses hand sanitizer, going as far as to call handshakes "barbaric." Given this well-documented aversion to germs, his offer of a partially eaten pizza slice appears out of character.

The response to Trump's pizzeria visit has been mixed, with some Twitter users expressing their disbelief and even disgust at his actions. However, it is worth noting that this is not the first time Trump has made headlines with his pizza-eating habits. In 2011, Trump and right-wing commentator Sarah Palin were criticized for eating pizza with a knife and fork in New York City, stacking two slices before consuming them with cutlery. The backlash was so intense that Trump felt compelled to address the issue on his YouTube account, explaining his method allowed him to avoid eating the crust and maintain his weight.

In conclusion, while Trump's recent actions at the Florida pizzeria seem to contradict his well-known germophobic tendencies, it may simply be an instance of the former President attempting to connect with his supporters in an unusual manner. The mixed reactions to his gesture highlight the ongoing debate surrounding Trump's actions and public image.

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