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President Trump Praises Jan 6 Rioter and QAnon Supporter Who Wants Former VP Pence Executed

Written by: Sam Orlando

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Former President Donald Trump openly embraced a convicted January 6 rioter, Micki Larson-Olson, during a campaign stop at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester on Thursday night. Describing her as "terrific," Trump's interaction with Larson-Olson, a QAnon supporter who believes that former Vice President Mike Pence should be executed for treason, raises concerns about the potential dangers of a presidential candidate's influence over individuals who have actively sought to undermine the U.S. government.

The meeting occurred on the same day that Pence testified before a federal grand jury as part of special counsel Jack Smith's investigation into Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and retain power.

Larson-Olson was convicted last year of unlawful entry on Capitol grounds. On January 6, she climbed the scaffolding erected for Joe Biden's inauguration and resisted police attempts to remove her. According to Larson-Olson, it took six officers to remove her from the platform, and she told NBC News that she has "absolutely no regrets" about her actions that day.

In a recent interview, Larson-Olson stated that she believes members of Congress who voted to certify Biden's presidential election should be executed. “The punishment for treason is death, per the Constitution,” she said. She also expressed her desire for a front-row seat to witness the execution of Mike Pence, whom she considers the "No. 1" person on her list of those who committed treason.

Neither the Trump campaign nor Pence's spokesman provided immediate comment on the matter.

Larson-Olson's interaction with Trump comes just a month after he opened a campaign rally with a performance by the "J6 choir," consisting of January 6 defendants who are currently incarcerated awaiting trial. Trump has also suggested that he may pardon those charged in the Capitol attack.

During their meeting, Trump signed the backpack that Larson-Olson carried on January 6 and offered words of encouragement, calling her a “terrific woman” and expressing sympathy for the treatment of January 6 "patriots." Larson-Olson likened the experience to hugging Jesus Christ, describing it as "so personal and intimate."

Larson-Olson was released from prison last month after serving more than 160 days. She was often placed in more restrictive confinement due to her refusal to comply with Covid protocols. Despite her incarceration, Larson-Olson maintains her belief that Trump is the true president and says she would willingly repeat her actions.

Larson-Olsen's case is unique among January 6 defendants, as she was one of the few who were detained on the scene during the Capitol attack. Her case was litigated in D.C. Superior Court, where she was found guilty and sentenced to 180 days of incarceration by Judge Michael O'Keefe in September 2022.

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