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Stupid Criminal Alert: Don’t Steal Your Regular Purchase! Waynesboro Police Nab Smoke Shop Bandits

Photo Credit: Waynesboro Police Department

Written by: Samuel Orlando

Waynesboro Police have arrested two suspects in connection with a robbery at a local tobacco and vape store. According to police reports, the one of the suspects entered the store wearing a mask, brandished a weapon, and demanded money and various retail items form the clerk. After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash and various items, the suspects fled the scene. Unfortunately for these bold alleged criminals, they were regular customers of that very store, and they stole all of their regular purchase items during the robbery.

Upon further investigation, police were able to identify the suspects as 30-year-old Michael Richard Womble of Waynesboro, and 23-year-old John David Finch, of Augusta County. The police department was able to track the suspects down with the help of surveillance footage and the fact that the manager who was robbed knew the identity of the assailants even before they left... because of what they stole.

In an interview with the store manager, it was revealed that the suspects were known to the store because they were regular customers who purchased the same items every time they visited. The store manager expressed disbelief at the suspects' actions in stealing the very same items, but was happy that the alleged criminals' foolish choices led to a swift arrest of the suspects.

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