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Mysterious Blue Spiral Light Spotted Over Hawaii Skies

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Written by Michael "Mikey" Phillips

US Government: Phenomenon Caused by SpaceX Launch, however many remain unconvinced.

Residents of Hawaii were left stunned on the evening of February 1st, 2023, as a strange blue spiral light appeared in the sky. The unusual event was captured on video by witnesses and quickly went viral on social media platforms. The spiral light was reported to have lasted for several minutes before disappearing, leaving behind many questions and speculations about what could have caused it. Some people have even suggested that the blue spiral was caused by an extraterrestrial presence. The government of the United States has suggested that the phenomenon was caused by a SpaceX launch earlier in the day. While this is the closest we have to an official explanation for the phenomenon, several alternative theories have been put forward to try and explain the bizarre event. One theory is that the blue spiral was caused by a black hole. The intense gravitational pull of a black hole could cause a disturbance in the fabric of space-time, resulting in the formation of a spiral light. Scientists have speculated that many black holes exist relatively close to our solar system, though that remains unconfirmed. The phenomenon has breathed new life into arguments supporting the possibility that a black hole may be closer than we think. According to an article from the Institute for Astronomy’s newsletter (Issue No. 49), "as you got closer to the black hole, the light would go in a circle (“photon sphere”) rather than going outward." Could the blue sprial phenomenon have been caused by a black hole?

Another theory is that the blue spiral was the result of a simulation malfunction. The simulation theory suggests that our reality is just a computer-generated simulation and the blue spiral was a glitch in the system. According to an article by Seth Loyd published by World Scientific, "The quantum computational model of the universe explains a variety of observed phenomena not encompassed by the ordinary laws of physics." Seth Lloyd, The universe as quantum computer. In: H. Zenil (Hrsg.): A Computable Universe: Understanding and exploring Nature as computation.World Scientific, 2013." Of course, as humans launch ourselves forward into the technological revolution, we are constantly expanding our knowledge of the wonders of the universe and our ability to see them. As we learn more, scientists pose more incredible theories that make us question even more of what we know. Maybe this affect was a new feature of the launch of a SpaceX rocket. However as we expand our understanding of our universe, perhaps it behooves us to ask more questions, and to broaden the limits of what we are willing to learn. One thing's for sure, the incident over Hawaii on Febriuary 1, 2023 has reignited discussions about the mysteries of our universe and the possibilities of otherworldly phenomena. The strange blue spiral light over Hawaii will undoubtedly remain a topic of speculation and fascination for years to come.

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