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A System in Crisis: Allegations of Corruption and Neglect Plague Pulaski County's Jail in Kentucky

Written by: Sam Orlando

SOMERSET, KY - As allegations of corruption and neglect continue to surround the jail system in Pulaski County, Kentucky, former inmates and their families are speaking out. Reports suggest that the jail, built to house 100 inmates, often holds over 400 individuals and has been known to reach capacities of 600 to 700. Critics argue that the facility is understaffed, underfunded, and under scrutiny. Heather Poynter, a Pulaski County resident, has shared her experiences with the local jail system. Poynter alleges that inmates are frequently treated poorly, likening their treatment to that of "dogs." She describes an environment where the guards and staff show little initiative in providing assistance or information. Furthermore, Poynter claims that deaths due to medical neglect and wrongful arrests have occurred without the necessary scrutiny or follow-up. Poynter also detailed her personal encounter with the judicial system, recounting the bureaucratic maze and lack of assistance she encountered when trying to handle court proceedings and fines. She describes a system that seems to put barriers in front of those seeking justice, rather than aiding them. Additional complaints from Poynter include accounts of unsanitary conditions, like bedbugs and black mold, and an alleged lack of privacy with cameras installed in shower stalls. She also shared stories of other inmates, including her brother-in-law, who reportedly didn't receive the necessary medical attention post-surgery, and a family friend who died in jail after her complaints of pain were allegedly ignored. The allegations extend to the court system as well. Poynter alleges that lawyers and prosecutors show little initiative in communicating with inmates or providing proper representation. In her experience, the courts were quick to impose jail sentences without proper legal consultation.

Breaking Through Reporters reached out to the Pulaski County Adult Detention Facility, but was unable to reach anyone willing to provide comment. These allegations, if proven accurate, paint a picture of a jail system and judicial process in crisis. The claims demand further investigation to ensure that justice is served, and the rights of the individuals are respected, regardless of their situation. At the moment, the Pulaski County jail system seems to be operating under a cloud of doubt and suspicion that needs to be addressed.

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